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Live Streaming for Business

If you’re happy with Facebook Live Streaming and Youtube Live Streaming on your iPhone, then by all means you should continue. It’s video marketing and it’s definitely a start.

Paradox provides a live streaming video service when you’re looking for a more professional image, a more engaged audience, and a “bigger” impact for your corporate meeting, conference, or business event.

A Live Streaming Video Service

We’re a Phoenix Video Production Company BUT we spent the first decade of our careers in Broadcast Television. Today’s live stream production technology enables us to create a business program or event that is dynamic, fun, and engaging. Just like a live television broadcast. But at a webcast price point.

live streaming for business

Multi-Camera Live Streaming for Business

Look and sound professional. Engage your audience!

Using multiple cameras, professional lighting and graphics, as well as pristine audio will not only enhance your image as a business….it will help you rise well above your competitors in viewership and engagement.

Engage future customers and current employees with live chat for Q & A’s and commenting.

live streaming for business

Live Stream 10 Social Media Channels at One Time

10x the viewership of your Live Streams by re-streaming up to ten Social Media Channels at once.

Streaming Services for multiple Facebook pages or groups, Youtube Channels, LinkedIn Live, Twitter, Periscope, Twitch, or any other RTMP Channel.

Oh yeah….and you can definitely set up your Live Stream on your own website!

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Sell Tickets to Monetize Your Live Stream

Live Streaming to Social Media is great for reaching a large audience for marketing. But what about if you are selling content?

Realize immediate and long term revenue from your Live Stream by selling tickets to any virtual event whether it’s live or pre-recorded event!

Options for free tickets and discount coupons are also available.

live streaming production company

Record Live Streams for Re-Broadcast

Make your video content evergreen by recording your event and keeping it available for re-broadcast for years to come.

Great for conferences, trainings, and corporate events, re-broadcasting your live streamed event widens your audience and enables opportunities for long-term sponsorship.

If you don’t like the stress of live television (and it can be kind of stressful at times) you can always pre-record the entire program and re-broadcast a simulated live experience.

Types of Live Streaming Business Events

  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Training
  • Summits
  • Trade Shows
  • Sports
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Press Events
  • Continuing Education
  • Entertainment
  • Festivals
live streaming for business

Live Video Streaming for Business

Paradox Video Productions is a Phoenix-based Full Service Video Production Company with many years of experience in Broadcast Television. Our Video Production Services help businesses who are interested in entering the fastest-growing segment of the video marketing industry.

Let a professional live streaming production company help you enhanced long-distance relationships with customers, employees, investors, and shareholders!

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Capitalize on Reduced Travel for Business

Business travel will never return to pre-pandemic levels. Some people love to travel. Others find it extremely painful.

Hybrid Live Stream Events (in-person and streaming video production at the same time) are fast becoming the preferred method of communicating with employees and customers by businesses eager to widen their audience reach and cut costs.

Customer Success

Tim was terrific, setting up the shoot, advising on shots and script, developing new ideas to move the project forward. And people like him, smart, works hard, and knows his stuff.

Bob Carden

President, Carden Communications

Tim’s attention to detail combined with his outstanding service has made him a go-to resource for our agency for years. And he’s one of the most pleasant characters you’d ever want to hang out with!

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President, MossWarner Communications

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