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Non Profit (MCM) – Fundraising Video

Video Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Video Camera: Panasonic HPX 170

Production Steps Involved: Client calls, research, writing, pack camera gear, travel to location, setup, conduct interview, shoot b-roll, edit with graphics, upload.

Video Editing and Graphics: Yes

Total Video Production Cost: $5400

Documentary Style

Fundraising Video

The bottom line is that this video helped in the fundraising of over two million dollars in six days of travel through the Middle East.

The folks from the Muslim Community Mosque in Phoenix required a video to explain their plight to potential donors in the Middle East.

Cultural differences abound between the Middle East and the USA. One huge difference is that life operates at a much slower pace over there.

Where we might sit and watch a four-minute video in North America, the MCM was convinced that a twelve-minute video was much more appropriate for their target audience.

They were correct….but if you are watching from North America you might want to start at the seven minute mark 😎

Project Categories: Editing | Graphics | Lighting | Producing | Videography | Writing
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