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Orthodontics Story

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Camera: Canon EOS 5D

Steps Involved: Client communication, write script, pack gear, travel to the location, setup, shoot testimonial interviews, shoot b-roll, edit with graphics, upload.

Editing/Graphics: Yes

Total Cost: $3300 (Feature video plus 6 patient testimonials)

Patient Testimonial Videos

The Story of Budd Orthodontics

Capturing patients in their own words speaking about Dr. Budd and the practice contributed to the fun and authenticity of the feature piece.

No scripting or teleprompting were used but we wrote a rough script/storyline which was used to design the questions for interview purposes. This process gave us a guideline for the story but enabled the interviews to sound real and credible.

Patient Testimonials were repurposed to create several mini-stories which enhanced the website overall and contributed to their content marketing efforts.

The office has been completely redecorated and an update to this story is planned for the near future.

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