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Noraxon – Data Technology

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Camera: Panasonic HPX 170

Steps Involved: Client communication, reseach and write scripts, pack gear, travel to location, setup, shoot presentations, shoot b-roll, edit with graphics, upload.

Editing/Graphics: Yes

Total Cost: $4600 (for 4 videos)

High Tech Data Measurement

There were several project requirements involved with these videos.

First and foremost, the videos needed to have a dark and high tech look and feel that matched the client website.

Secondly, the product needed to be shown in action although some of the technology wasn’t in production yet.

Lastly, shoot locations had to be somewhere that employees would be taken away from work for the shortest amount of time possible.

Project Categories: 04 - Storytelling | Editing | Lighting

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