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Fertility Treatment Center – Educational Video

Video Location: Tempe, Arizona

Video Camera: Sony fs7, Panasonic HPX 170

Production Steps Involved: Client communication, staff interviews and feedback, script writing, pack camera gear, travel to location x 3, setup, shoot green screen ptc, shoot b-roll, edit with graphics, upload.

Video Editing and Graphics: Yes

Total Video Production Cost: $9400 (for 28 videos)

Green Screen Video Series

Twenty-Eight Video Series

This was a fairly involved video production mostly because the video script came from 8 separate staff members. Extra time and attention were required to assure the videos flowed together consistently and accurately.

One full day of shooting was required with a teleprompter for all the green screen on-camera pieces from staff members. Two additional days of shooting were required for the video b-roll.

Video editing, compositing and color correction rounded out the production on this video series with 4k raw footage as the main source.

More Examples from the Series