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Real Estate Investors Club

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Camera: Panasonic HPX 170

Steps Involved: Client communication, pack gear, travel to location, setup, shoot green screen ptc, shoot b-roll, edit with graphics, upload.

Editing/Graphics: Yes

Total Cost: $7200 (for 20 videos)

Green Screen Video Series

Twenty Video Series

This project consisted of 20 videos which were released one at a time over a period of months. Shooting on green screen opened up a wide range of opportunities for graphic elements and visual interest.

No scripting or teleprompting were used as the host was a very experienced public speaker. This made the shooting move along quite quickly but required “creating” the content graphics from scratch during the edit.

This project was a success and we ended up replicating the entire project four more times with different content.

More Examples from the Series

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